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Buy-of-the-Week: Velvet Bootie

What is it?

Where did you buy it?

Nordstrom Rack

How Much?

On sale for $42.97

Why did you buy it?

In the Fall I find myself drawn to the bootie section of the shoe stores. I tend to purchase a trendy pair each year. Last year, I purchased a black suede open-toe bootie by Manelli. I wore them a lot! This year, I've been drawn to velvet.

How do you wear and pair? I will wear them with dresses and ankle pants (or rolled up distressed jeans). Remember when you are wearing booties, to keep at least an inch of skin showing between the top of the boot and the hem of the pant.)

Final Rating of 5 Stars? I give these a 4 star rating. I've worn them twice and they are already stretching, not sloppy - stretchy but, they are stretching.

Happy Wardrobing!!


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