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Stylist Saturday:

For this stylist Saturday, I went for something I consider tried and true of my style. Comfy jeans, interesting sweater/top, and flat detailed shoes. I was on my way to help a client in their closet, which typically consists of me sitting on someone's floor for 1+ hours so I like to be comfortable. I do however work as a stylist, so try to be on point with my outfits :)

I didn't realize it when I was putting it together, but two of the pieces were from Optiz Outlet. Have you been to Optiz Outlet on Excelsior?!? Super overwhelming if you don't love to dig, but one of my favorite places to explore some different brands that can be hard to find in the twin cities). I loved this MaxMara sweater from the second I found it. It is a stunning cut, interesting pattern, and such an amazing woven cotton. I matched it up with a JBrand high waisted skinny denim I also found there.

On my feet wore one of my favorite buys from last year, a pair of calf hair loafers by Sabah. A client of mine turned me on to the brand last year and I have LOVED these loafers. They were spendy, but have been amazingly comfortable, and I adore that they are different than what you can find in store. Not a ton of arch support, so if you need a comfort shoe definitely not the right one, however if you are looking for a fun everyday loafer to add to your closet I would definitely recommend this brand!

No bells and whistles to less look, but when I tossed on my handbag (same style as mine, but I own in a sold out oxblood) and JCrew shiny excursion vest from last year (this year's version), I felt like a million bucks. My truck loving little man declared it a winner as well!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and fall,


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