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Buy-of-the-Week: Camouflage Tee

What is it?

Camouflage Tee Where did you buy? Target

How much? $12.99 Why did you buy it? I am really feeling the camouflage trend this season. However, when it comes to strong trends, it's best to approach it in a low investment way until you know you absolutely love it. The great thing with the camo print, is that it is fairly classic; especially in the fall. Regardless, I figured I would start with a basic tee. Although I love the idea of doing the print in a jacket. Wear & Pair?

For grunge gone glam, I pair this tee with distressed denim, black open jacket, and perferated ankle boots.

Final rating 4 Stars (Target isn't always ideal for some quality in knits)

Stylist Sydnie

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