Buy-of-the-Week: Aldo Galinsky Flat

September 26, 2017

What is it? 


Black Pointy toed flats


Where did you buy it? 



How much? 



Why did you buy it? 


I bought a pair of patent nude colored Aldo pointy toed flats this summer.  They were comfortable and very versatile.  I found myself wearing them quite often.  But, my favorite flats are my black velvet "Marquise" brand, short heeled shoes.  They are just, well, Cool!  But, they are dying.  I went to DSW to find their replacement.  I found a couple velvet shoes but, they just didn't have that "it" factor.  So, I strolled down to the Aldo flats and decided that these would be good classics to replace my dying black velvet shoes.  Of course, I will keep my eyes open for another pair of black velvet flats but, I don't want just any pair. 

How do you wear and pair? 

I will wear these with jeans, ankle pants and casual dresses.  These are classic and versatile flats. 


Final rating?  5 stars (they are my second pair to buy)




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