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Buy-of-the-week: Fall Color

What is it? Berry Colored Utility Jacket

Where did you buy it? GAP Factory Outlet – Medford, MN. (Eagan Outlet is carrying it, too.)

How Much? $52.99

Why did you buy it? School doesn’t start for a month but, today we had my son’s Freshman

orientation. They handed out schedules, assigned lockers and took class pictures for school IDs. I’ll be sure to order the classic school photo to hang on the wall alongside his older brother and sister’s school pictures; it’s tradition. All this school prep gets me in the mood for Fall weather. And with Fall weather comes Fall Fashions.

The stores are slow to bring out the Fall sweaters and colors but, they are beginning to get a few pieces here and there. On my way to Iowa last week, I stopped at the GAP Factory Outlet in Medford. I ran in quick to see if there were any interesting items. Sure enough, there was! I found this Maroon lightweight field jacket. The color is more of a berry color perfect for Fall fashions yet, a great light weight layering piece.

How will you pair this? Just like my olive green utility jacket, I will pair this with my distressed denim or my black jeans. A striped shirt underneath or a silk shell top will look sharp. Berry color worn with black and gray and white is always so sharp. I could pair this with navy, too.

Rating? I’m giving this 5 stars

Looking forward to seeing more of the Fall styles that will be coming our way in the next two months!

Happy Ward-robing!

Stylist: Kathy Banta

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