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Buy-Of-the-Week: Bobs for Dogs

What is it?

Where did I buy them?

Turnstyle Store in Roseville

How Much?

$45.00 (But, I got them for $11.00 with the tags still on them at Turnstyle.)

Why did you buy them?

My daughter-in-law wanted to show me the thrift stores close to her house, since she and I share the thrill of thrifting. I had not been to Turnstyle before and was pleasantly surprise at the quality and cleanliness of the location and the product in the store. Many items still had their original store tags on them, like these shoes that I purchased.

How will you pair these?

These shoes will be comfy Summer walking shoes that I will pair with my shorts. The lining has extra cushion support, making for comfortable walk. I prefer slip-on shoes. They are quick and are ready to go.

Final Rating:

4 stars

Happy Wardrobing!

Stylist Kathy

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