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We pride ourselves not just on our fashion knowledge, but more importantly our customer service & are constantly hearing from clients how seamless the process is and how comfortable we made them feel. We will always give you our honest opinions, but are just normal gals who are fashion experts and love helping others!  If you still are unsure after checking out our website and clients reviews, set up a free initial consult to meet with us face to face!



Jessica loved styling her own wardrobe for as long as she can remember. The ever-changing looks and trends keep her excited about fashion. Using new styles to create her own signature look is what inspires her the most. During and after college and graduate school, Jessica worked in fashion stores as a stylist for Theory, Coach, and Evereve. Jessica earned her master's degree in education, and taught for several years, but colleagues constantly sought her styling advice. This enthusiastic young woman realized that fashion is her true calling! 

Jessica moved with her husband and two year old son to Minneapolis from New Jersey in 2014. She found the perfect job when she began working for À la Mode Wardrobe and Consulting. For two years, Jessica thrived working as a stylist. Now it looks like it's become a life-long relationship! Even though Jessica relocated with her husband and now two young sons to Westfield, New Jersey, this past June, she is bringing À la Mode right along with her! This bubbly young woman is thrilled to continue her wardrobe consulting in the tri-state area. Whether she is dressing friends, family, or clients for festive events like weddings or bar mitzvahs, choosing the perfect outfit for a job interview, or just helping people make changes in their lives, Jessica loves every aspect of fashion styling.

Jessica has taken styling seminars at FIT in New York to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends. Jessica uses her teaching skills to instruct her clients step by step on how to build a fabulous new wardrobe while expressing their individuality. The perfect fit and look can transform anyone into the best version of herself. Now that Jessica is the mom of two small boys, she understands how important it is to feel good about yourself and get that before-baby confidence back!




E-mail Jessica at or give her a call at 908-379-3164

Please include the following in your message:

  1. Services you were hoping for

  2. Availability for appointments

  3. Overall style (so we can set you up with the perfect stylist!)

  4. Typical sizes for tops, pants, and shoes

"Did you ever stand looking at your overly crowded closet filled with lots of cute (or maybe not so cute) items and think to yourself, "I have nothing to wear"??  I have.  So I had wardrobe consultant, Jessica Fineburg come over to my home to offer some insights.  Jessica is lovely and has such a nice, easy breezy way about her.  It's like sitting in your bedroom with your bestie going piece by piece through your closet and getting great (honest!) feedback like, "this is super cute --- did you ever consider wearing it with ....." or "ok, this is not my favorite on you because..... --- maybe we should make room in your closet for something that looks fabulous on you like...." 


After our two hour session, I had lots of new ideas of how to wear my existing wardrobe (in ways I would have never thought about on my own), lots more room in my closet so I could see the things that truly fit and that I really love rather than an overcrowded closet and lots of ideas of new things that I might want to consider adding to my wardrobe.  I'm not a shopper, but I can't wait to go shopping now that I have some very specific ideas of what will make me look my best and what items will complement the things already I own. Jessica took lots of pictures of me so that I can look back and be reminded of the different outfits and looks we put together.  A nice, convenient record for me! Later that day, Jessica sent me a report (notes) of our session and the items I might want to consider adding along the way, with links of examples and "where to shop" --- so easy and convenient.  I'm going to print out the list and tuck it in my purse so I'll have it to refer to in my travels.  


Our session was so much fun and enjoyable ---- it was like spending time with Stacey and Clinton (What Not to Wear) but so much better because it was in the privacy, convenience and "safe harbor" of my own home and bedroom. Such fun. If you want to truly treat yourself and spend a bit of time just on you, consider calling Jessica.   Your closet and self confidence will thank you big time." - Diane

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