Closet Organization

Let us help make sense of one of your most used spaces!


​Get the ball rolling with an initial closet analysis. We will spend one hour at your home crafting a plan of how to optimize your closet.  You will meet with us to talk through wants and concerns, we will measure, photograph, and talk through our plan to enhance your closet (including an estimate on time for implementation).  $150


À La Mode will hit the ground running, product shopping for your space ($75/hr) and tackling your closet ($150/hr).  

*An average sized closet can expect to be between 6-8 hours of time for shopping and implementation*

If you prefer to tackle on your own: À La Mode will preform an initial consultation with you in your space and send you a follow-up plan of product/tips to organize your closet. Then you implement when you have time!  $250


Get the most out of your time by starting with a clothing analysis.  Combine À La Mode's clothing analysis with your closet analysis, purging your closet so what we are organizing are things you love and use!  At the end of our three hours together, we will lay out their plan for your closet organization and set up time to put it together at a later date.  $350