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March 30, 2020

I'm a weirdo.

I get joy out of cleaning and organizing closets. Now that I'm stuck in my house counting the days of seclusion away from the public, in an attempt to avoid the Coronavirus, I am tackling my own closet. We've had a record season for the amount of clients w...

March 26, 2020

In the coming weeks, we will be giving everyone a quick peek into how we organize our closets.  I'm going to start things out by giving you a quick walk around my space.  I also have a video tour at the end if you prefer watching over reading :)

Our closet is strai...

March 23, 2020

1.  Dynasty Leopard Print Blazer - I'm a huge blazer fan and cheetah print fan, so the combination of them is a dream come true! I love the shape of this one too. 

2.  Topshop Dara Stud Sandal - perfect for warm weather. You can wear them with dresses or...